Yankee Fundraising

This app helps make your group's Yankee Candle or Home & Family fundraiser more successful. It lets group members use their device contacts and social networks to spread the word about their sale. It also contains an online catalog allowing you to sell directly from a phone or tablet. Not happy with Yankee Candle fundraiser: missing candles, perhaps in a missing box? Stupidly, I didn't keep the carbon copy of order form! I thought the slip would return with the order as it does with Girl Scout cookies. Luckily I had xeroxed it at one point, in the middle of taking orders for my two girls, so I have an 

As “America's Most Loved Candle”, Yankee Candle Fundraising makes it easy for your organization to raise money. Each season, the brochure is filled with fresh, fun and unique candle and gift items. We offer two selling seasons – Fall (August to December) and Spring (January to June). Sell America's Best Loved Candle Fortunately, for their fundraising's sake, their rural town in Maine loves having Yankee Candles delivered to its doorsteps. A few years ago, Alicia was the senior class adviser, and the idea of organizing fundraising efforts for 200 students was a daunting one. She came across Yankee Candle Fundraising,  Creating Your SELLER ID for Yankee Candle Fundraiser.

“No material costs, no minimum orders, 24/7 customer service and a brand that people know and love make our fundraising program a great fit and an easy solution  ”