Yankee Candle Vs Bath And Body Works Candle

Telling my honest opinion and My Bath & Body candles always smell amazing and have fantastic throws. I was just doing some math though and Yankee are more of a bargain in terms of what you can get with a coupon (Buy 2 Get 2 Free) and their burn time vs. The typical sales price for 3 wicks at Bath & Body. My extra spending dollars  The latest candle in question is their Mountain Lake scent. It literally smells like nothing when burning.

It's just a big blue wax scentless candle. And at a regular price of $28 that's almost as much a slap in the face as the candidates I have to choose from for the 2016 US  Re: YANKEE CANDLES OR BATH AND BODY WORKS? We used to be YC lovers but can't stand how they burn and the soot. We now pour our own candles, but use soy wax as they burn much cleaner. It would also help if YC would put 2 wicks in their larger candles. Jun 9, 2016 06.09.2016 Before I begin on my observations of these two brands [bath and body works candles; yankee candle] let me first put a disclaimer right now that I am a bit biased on my brand of choice, mainly because I have only used one of the brands more so than the other, but in my… So i had this discussion earlier with a GF of mine.

“So when deals come once a year I stock up for  ”