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The packaging is great   This hand-crafted candle literally starts out smelling like the sweet scent of Apple Pie and turns into Dirty Fart after about an hour or two. This isn't just a poop scented candle. The top layer smells pleasant & incredible prompting your unsuspecting victim to light it at a dinner party, on a date, when they are relaxing, or any  The Prank Candle has an apple pie scent for 12 hours, then an AWFUL dirty fart scent for 18 hours. Add Glitter or a Custom Prank scented candle · apple pie prank candle

And not a solid poop either, but the messy poop you have after eating new Mexican food and drinking margaritas all night. The smell is so potent that  Poop Emoji & Coffee Poop Spray | Bathroom Mist. Office Party Christmas Gag Gift Funny Hilarious Best Friend Gift. See similar items + More like this. Unicorn Poop Scented Beeswax Mason Jar Candle | 16 oz. As you open the lid you notice inside is a disc inserted inside the jar . This is a funny smelling BAD scented disc.

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“Our patented process creates a clear and distinct switch from good to bad scent. ”