Hilarious Candles

Or if Goop got taken over by  Scented Soy Jar Candles Featuring Hilarious Names for the Perfect Gag Gift. These are obviously gag gift candles BUT they are GOOD scented normal candles you can burn and enjoy. As you open the lid you notice inside is a disc inserted inside the jar. This is a funny smelling BAD  Prank candles is a prank store with mail order pranks, stinky candles, man candles, funny pranks to pull on friends, gag gifts, novelty items, & prank videos. Christmas is a time for candles and isn't it time we got away from those lame flower-scented ones?

Buy Yank Me Candle Old Man's Ball's Funny Candles: Jar Candles - Amazon. Com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Funny scented candles are the best gift for whatever you celebrate. Buy scents like Hemp, Bacon, Fart, Wet Grass, Potting Soil, Pizza, Mary Jane, and more. Listen, I like nice smelling candles as much as the next person. There are few things as comforting as lightin' up a scented candle on a rainy day, closing my eyes, and pretending I don't live in a tiny sad apartment. I can get down with the cinnamon, the apple, the lemon, the lavender scents. I'll even let fresh 

Funny Candle Scents

“Well finally, there are realistic scented candles - think if Buzzfeed and Martha Stewart had a child that you could by for $17. ”