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Candle is packaged in a box that indicates it is a prank candle. This hand-crafted candle literally starts out smelling like the sweet scent of Apple Pie and turns into Dirty Fart after One of my favorite ways to bring a little Halloween spirit into my home is through candles, a few of which are currently burning bright as I sit here writing this article . Candles are the perfect way to bring Fall scents like candy corn and pumpkin praline into your living space, while also adding a spooky  WTF Prank Candle that starts out as the sweet smell of Apple Pie and then changes to the terrible scent of Dirty Fart for practical jokes and gag gifts. Prank candles is a prank store with mail order pranks, stinky candles, man candles, funny pranks to pull on friends, gag gifts, novelty items, & prank videos. Scented Soy Jar Candles Featuring Hilarious Names for the Perfect Gag Gift.

These are obviously gag gift candles BUT they are GOOD scented normal candles you can burn and enjoy. As you open the lid you  Ever wanted your room to smell like Justin Trudeau? WTF does using the term "WTF" in reference to a candle mean? In a nutshell: " Mmmm, this smells incredible! Just like the apple pie my grandma used to make with the shortbread crust and the.gaaaaasssspppp!. Is thatis thatdirty farts?!" Yessir, it is. I mean, unless it's sweaty gym 

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“Prank Candle smells great for the first few hours of burn time, then suddenly smells awful. ”