Can You Return A Burned Candle To Yankee Candle

To return an item to a store, you'll need two things: Your receipt or packaging slip. All items purchased from our Yankee Candle stores or .sg may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, except items stamped as “ALL SALES FINAL” on our receipt, provided the following conditions are met: 1. You have our original receipt. I bought one of those new swirl candles and although I love the scent (macintosh/ harvest) the way the candle is burning is not right. My sister works at Yankee Candle and yes you can return them even if they are burned half way down..even if you just don't like the scent too. So needless to say I dropped 300 dollars in damn candles (and a few other things). Then when I got home I had major buyers remorse.

I had almost all of these scents already, unburned, bought over a year ago. I guess I don't burn them as fast as I should. So I figured I'd return some. Now when you go to  My wife purchased three votive "Unscented" candles for $6 and change at Yankee Candle. Contrary to the description, they had a heavy scent. When I went to return them, I did not have the receipt. The manager said I could only get a store credit despite the fact that there was nothing else to purchase and 

“Or send it to us at the web order or store purchase addresses below. ”